Learn Archery in the Oakland Hills

by Sterling Avenue Craftsmen Inn (w/ Airbnb)

Thanks to MattC on Yelp

Only 20 min from our Alameda Craftsmen Inn sits the beautiful Oakland Hills. There you will find a place to try archery for the very first time or brush up on your more advanced skills.  We are excited to introduce you to the Redwood Bowman Archery Club! (Wheelchair accessible). At the bottom of this post you will find their Facebook page link and Yelp page reviews.

At Redwood Bowmen Archery Club gain 90 minutes per class of archery coaching. Practice at an outdoor range, with all equipment provided. “Anthony T” on Yelp explained their two shooting courses going through the woods “like a gold course with bows and arrows.”

Classes designed for beginners start with 30-minutes of classroom instructions covering safety and proper use of equipment. All levels will enjoy an incredible experience with the great staff and incredible, natural outdoor range at Redwood Bowmen Archery Club in the Oakland, California Hills.

Archer Redwood Bowman Archery Club Oakland Calif
by Kpgolfpro on Pixbay

With adult supervision kids 8-13 yrs. are always welcome! Registration is required, fee’s begin at $50 (includes equipment).

Stay with us at Sterling Craftsmen Inn in Alameda and we will call ahead for you to arrange private or group classes and range time. If we are available we will be happy to drive you to and from the Redwood Bowman Archery Club.


Facebook: Redwood Bowman Archery Club

Yelp: Redwood Bowman Archery Club


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