Sterling Ave., Alameda House – Need Roommate

Hello, my name is Sheryl Griffin and I am in search of a roommate to enjoy two rooms (yep, 2 rms) in the house I rent. I’ve written quite a bit to give you a grand overview of the perks of living here. I must admit, Alameda is a gem in the Bay Area. And I hope we could be a great fit!

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First, just the basics:

Shared Home for Rent, Alameda. Beautiful neighborhood. Fantastic Island City.
Rent: $1200 per month with $800 deposit . Month to month.

(Lower rent will be considered if I find the right person!) Rent control is explained further down.

Rent includes two bedrooms, shared house, backyard, laundry, garbage, wifi and house cleaning. Electric & Water not included in rent at this time.

Google Maps Image
Google Maps Image

Beautiful craftsmen home in Alameda. I am renting out two rooms, in a 4 bedroom home. Located in a very nice neighborhood.
The rooms will be a month to month rental agreement, but there is no limit on the rental time. Individual may apply, also one parent with child.

The Rooms:
– The room is 12’x12′ joined to a 8′ x 12′ rm w/ built in desk & shelves (fits twin if needed).
– Both rooms have very large windows which face East and South East. Wonderful light all day.
– Hard wood floors
– The rent includes, Wi-fi; furnished room is optional. Fits double bed best.
– There is one shared bathroom, kitchen and living-room, W & D, outdoor deck w/ sitting areas and area for sm garden (if you like).
– There is easy street parking, you will have one driveway spot.
– Kitchen: no dishwasher, full size modern fridge & stove, beautiful sky light.
– Heat in each room, no A/C but we use fans in the summer. (Or we go to the beach!)
– All of the house is your home. We just have to be mindful of each other and communicate.

– Bus stop to BART, Oakland or SF across the street (51A, 51B and O)
– 2 Mile away from the Fruitvale Bart station
– 1.5 Mile from ferry terminal to SF (schedule is online). Peaceful trip to SF. Free parking.

There are 2, single-file parking spaces in the driveway and lots of street parking. This is a very lovely, quiet, safe neighborhood full of pretty homes, (many of them vintage), that are mostly owner-occupied. This street and many of the surrounding streets in the Alameda neighborhoods have been re-paved and upgraded with bike lanes.

No smoking of tobacco or other substance in or outside the house. This is not a 420-friendly household EXCEPT in the case of medicinal edibles for someone with a true medical need AND a 420 license.

$800 security deposit is required, but not designated to be used as a last month’s rent.
If you are approved for bringing a dog with you, there would be an extra $200 pet deposit. And our dogs will have to meet in advance at the local dog park and then in the house to see if they get along.

This is a darling bathroom with a claw-foot tub for sinking into great baths. We need to share it. My time is very flexible, so you get priority over bathroom time. I don’t care if you love your bathroom time, no big deal. There is no closet (vintage homes are scarce on that sometimes), so we have a couple of shelves each, plus there are a few for towels. I personally keep my cosmetics and personal things in my bedroom.

Currently the house is furnished with the landlords items: couches, TV, drapes, pictures, bookcases, dishes etc… However, I’m sure there is leniency in how we decide to decorate the home. Personally, I love art and photography. However, I’m not one for any time of art that depicts anything violent or dark or highly sexual. I know art has many degrees, but it’s not something I could live with and feel at peace (my own background). My family is filled with artists of all backgrounds. My grandfather was a masterful oil painter. My mother pastel & charcol. My aunt graphic design. My cousin abstract painting and sculpture! See, I told you lots of artists. Did I mention classical pianist and opera singer? Yea, the list goes on and on. My art was classical ballet and photography! Ok, back to furnishings. Please talk to me about what you need to bring so I can see if we have room for it. Your room in furnished or not.

sheryl_at_beach_alameda-emailI have one sweet, calm, retired service dog. He’ll bark if someone knocks. His name is Julius and he is 12.

Dogs are great as long as they are well trained in basic commands and outdoor potty. But this will be determined on a case by case basis. Pet deposit is $200. And any damages while renting need to be paid for and fixed right away by each tenant. Your deposit remains in place till move out. More about dogs on property in contract.

This is something everyone is concerned about these days and rightly so. The landlord has assured us only possible increases once a year. And the increase will be 10% or less. The increase would be split between us.

We have to clean up after ourselves, same day. We are flexible but most of the time keep up our end of cleanliness. We will go over this in more detail together.
We will have a house cleaner at least once a month, included by the landlord. Our sheets will be cleaned and towels. If you want your clothes washed, you will pay a bit extra to the cleaner. The landlord would like us to water outdoor plants every other day, including lawn.

This a household of a self-employed, quiet, tidy, respectful, adult. We should have a great balance between enjoying privacy and being sociable. Late night noise is allowed only on occasion when an actual small party has been agreed upon by all occupants. However, on a more day-to-day basis, low noise from music/tv/movies, etc. until 11pm, then zero noise, (anything audible outside one’s own bedroom), from 11pm to 8am – and that includes cooking or laundry noises.

Still, flexibility is key and we can always bend for each other if we just discuss it. (For example: you forgot to wash and need clean work clothes by morning, but not a regular problem). Understandable!

I enjoy the occasional small backyard barbecue and/or small dinner party, but if you want a household geared towards frequent, large, loud parties, hey, have fun with that phase of your life, then shoot me an email :).

If you like to cook and share meals from time to time, that’s a definite plus. I don’t do much big cooking anymore. Maybe it’s kinda dorky, but I love puzzles and sometimes pull out the card table and start one up. I like reading and swimming and photography. I love digital art (like Brook Shaden’s style). I deal with chronic pain in my legs and on days it is bad I might just be reading, watching a movie and moving about slowly. We have a fireplace, too, which is nice on colder nights.

Important: Any age range is fine with me! But, if you like to keep 98% to yourself then this is also not the environment for you. I like to be social when possible. I hope you do too. I hope we can have some good laughs and in the end have some pleasant memories to share down the road.

Living in Alameda is just wonderful. Here are a few of the perks from this house.





cyclingGreat community of cyclers. My father cycles regularly if you like he can show you the great areas. Heads-up, try to keep up with him!

One block from from:
– Quaint grocery store with fresh meat market and produce.
– Three coffee shops
– Bakery (Fresh Breads & goodies)
– Lincoln Park (swimming, tennis, baseball, picnics, laying on the lawn, basketball, other activities)
– Little Drama / Play / Musical Theatre (open auditions!!)
– Church
– Great walking community

theatre-dsc01883_crop1.5 miles (walk or bike lane) away from:
– Downtown Alameda (Park street) shops and restored movie theatre!
– Restaurants, Movies, Coffee shops, nightlife, Tucker’s Ice Cream and shopping
– Crown Memorial Beach
– Bowling Alley
– Safeway & Trader Joes
– Libraries
– K-12 Schools

5 miles from:
– Alameda Community College
– Large Flea Market
– New shopping district

If you’re interested in getting together in Alameda for coffee, please reach out to me.


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